Hamilton New Zealand

Web Widgets A Great Success

Web widgets, the power behind Hamilton Info is now being rebranded as www.web-widgets.net in preperation for marketing to an international audience.

Web widgets allow users to build and maintain web sites simply, without requiring any technical skills. Just fill in the gaps and you're away. However, web-widgets are also very powerful, and also provide enhanced services to customised websites like www.soldby.co.nz

Hamilton Info website members will notice changes to the members area over the next few days, as we convert our features to the new web-widget branding.

Hamilton Info will remain our flagship portfolio site, illustrating the ulitmate power of web widgets, and providing web portal access to Hamiltons web widget users. Web widgets were invented and developed in Hamilton by www.boo.co.nz.

This is a great accomplishment for Hamilton, a potential new hub of IT development in NZ.


Posted: Wed 22 Nov 2000


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