Hamilton New Zealand


Location: 75 Henry Road, RD1, Taupiri (Off Gordonton-Taupiri Rd)

Opening Hours: Shop open 10am - 5pm 7 days except Xmas Day.

Show Times: Candy Making Shows Saturday/Sunday 10.30am and 1pm.

Candyland's tagline is "The Sweetest Place on Earth" and it's not too far from the truth! Candyland is an old-fashioned sweet making factory where you can actually watch lollies and chocolate being made. This is obviously a spot where kids will have an absolute field day, but it's also interesting for adults too where you can see how lollies are made.

On Saturdays and Sundays Queen Candy or one of her elves host their special candy-making shows to demonstrate how rock candy is made. You will get the chance to make your very own lollipop too. Also part of the show is the opportunity to see into the chocolate making room. The

Running for over 20 years, Candy Land is a popular Hamilton attraction, and a generation of now-grown up adults fondly remember visiting the factory as kids. Whether you are a local, or a vistior to the Waikato, Candyland is a must do.

Phone: (07) 824 6818


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