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Beetham Park Motel

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Beetham Park Motel
297 Ulster St
Hamilton 2030

Conveniently located in Hamilton, Beetham Park Motel provides four star facilities and services for the discerning traveler.
 Beetham Park Motel offers style and comfort in a boutique environment. 

Premium rooms are spacious, yet intimate, and tastefully decorated with air-conditioning, 42 inch Plasma or LCD television, tinted windows, ensuite bathrooms equipped with pampering toiletries and hair dryers.

Executive/Corporate travelers - We specialise in providing high quality executive accommodation close to the CBD with the convenience of free parking right outside your door. 
The solid masonry construction of our motel and a design that has units running away from the main road makes Beetham Park Motel your ideal choice for privacy, comfort and security.

Couples and families - If you are looking for affordable luxury accommodation with all the conveniences of a modern and stylish property including 42 inch television and air-conditioning we invite you to check out our Premium rooms.

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