Hamilton New Zealand

Balloons over Waikato Festival

Every Autumn Hamilton comes alive with the Balloons over Waikato festival. This 5 day event is one of the highlights in the Waikato diary. Balloon enthusiasts from all over New Zealand and the world come to Hamilton to enjoy the festival.   These majestic balloons glide over the picturesque Waikato landscape, taking in the mighty Waikato River and lush dairy farming land.  Each year there are different unusual shapes and designs to check out.


The balloons can be viewed from many vantage points in and around Hamilton and you can even enjoy a ride in one, with prices ranging from $230 to $275 for a one hour flight.  Enquiries email hamiltoninfo@wave.co.nz.  


The highlight of the festival is the popular Night Glow event, which draws crowds of up to 80,000 people.  New Zealand entertainers and musicians entertain the crowd, culminating in a fireworks finale.  What’s more this night is free! 




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