Hamilton New Zealand


Location: 1 Grantham Street (At Waikato Museum)

Opening Hours: 10am - 4.30pm, 7 days

Part of the Waikato Museum, Exscite is Hamilton's Interactive Science Centre. Aimed at kids and the young at heart, Exscite offers and amazing array of interactive science exhibits that will awaken a curiousity about the world around us.

Some of the exciting exhibits include interacting with a giant plasma ball, optical illusions, seeing how simple machines work and a curious light pen that can bend shadows. I know, it sounds pretty interesting - adults are welcome too!

Housed over two floors, there are dozens of displays. It's a mix of old an new. There are new touring exhibits each term, so you can make a visit to Exscite a part of your regular school holiday activities. There are of course those classic exhibits that are loved by kids.

There is also the new Planet Warriors section. In this newly built permanent fixture, kids can learn about how small actions everyday can make a big difference to the planet.

The centre is managed by the Exscite Trust, an organisation founded to promote learning. Exscite is open every day including weekends and public holidays. Admission is around $8.00 for kids, $5.00 for adults.

More information can be found here

Phone: (07) 838 6606

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