Hamilton New Zealand

Extreme Edge Climbing Centre

Location: 90 Greenwood Street, Frankton

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 12pm - 9.30pm, Weekends 9am - 7pm.

If you have a spare afternoon and are looking for something fun to do then go ahead and do some rock climbing. Extreme Edge are a well known outfit with centres in many cities. In Hamilton you'll find their centre on Greenwood street with plenty of terrain suitable for all levels of rock climber.

New to Rock Climbing? It's actually really fun, and not as scary as you might think. It's best to go with a friend or a group so that you have people to guide you down on the ropes. But even if you don't have a buddy, you can still use the automatic climbing walls with their retractable ropes.

The ClimbZone features automatic belay walls are really great for building your climbing confidence. You can learn at your own pace, and with no pressure. They are really easy to get the hang off and no doubt you'll be jumping down from the top in no time. There is also a low hanging wall so that you can try without a harness if you prefer. Safety mats will catch you every time.

Kids will love the Climb Zone with easy walls painted in fun colours. The auotmatic belays means no one gets hurt. Kids will really enjoy their time here, and it's a great way to wear them out during school holidays. You'll get some great photos too!

All the gear you need is provided, namely a safety harness and a helmet. Bring a solid pair of shoes and you are good to go. A single pass means you can stay as long as you like, but after 2 hours of scaling walls your legs will probably be at their limit. A great workout and a fun way to get some exercise in!

Phone: (07) 847 5858


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