Hamilton New Zealand

Wellington St Beach

Location: Jellicoe St (end of Wellington Street past the KFC)

Wellington Street Beach has been awarded the title of New Zealand's best inland beach. While not a typical beach with ocean, the sandy strip is actually beside the Waikato River.

It's pretty uncommon to have a beach in the middle of a town, but Hamilton is special like that. A great, free place to swim, with a small wharf to jump from. There is a cafe across the road as well.

This location is upstream from most of Hamilton so the water quality is fine. Bring the family, and a picnic for a fun day out. There is ample room for a picnic with large grassy areas. There is also a river walk so you can stop in for a dip if you are running or walking down the river. One of Hamilton's jewels, and a must do on a sunny day!

You can read more about the beach in the following news article:


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