Hamilton New Zealand

Hamilton Hospital

Please note there that the Hamilton Hospital is actually called the Waikato Hospital.

Are you looking for the Waikato Hospital?

You will find extensive information on the hospital by visiting our Waikato Hospital page. There are a number of smaller HamiIton hospital facilities that aren't part of the public health system. The first is Braemar Hospital which is a private surgical hospital. You can find more infomation about Braemar on their website: www.braemarhospital.co.nz

The other hospital in Hamilton is the Southern Cross Hospital. Also a private hospital, Southern Cross offers surgical and post-op care to their clients. More information on their facility along with addresses and phone numbers can be found at www.southerncross.co.nz

In Hamilton there are also 2 private maternity hospitals: River Ridge Birth Centre and the Waterford Birth Centre. Again, if you are looking for information on Waikato Hospital, the major public hospital for Hamilton, then please visit our Waikato Hospital Information page. For information on the local health board then visit our Waikato DHB page.

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