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TOLBECS Ear Centre

TOLBECS are the Ear Experts, we help people of all ages with their ears. We are friendly, welcoming and GENTLE!


Our Ear Nurse Therapists are NZ Registered Nurses who have had post-graduate training in the speciality of 'ears'  We use surgical microscopes for excellent vision and tiny instruments to clear ear canals via micro-suction.  We offer screening hearing tests for those 4 years and up.

FREE Ear Canal checks - call in during office hours and we can show you your ears on a screen - perfect for checking if your ears are really OK before travel, diving, water holidays etc. 

Any one experiencing blocked ears, waxy ears, itchy ears, noisy ears, infected ears, glue ear, deafness, or full ears - we can help!

Our ear clinic is easy to find - 74 Naylor St, Hamilton East.  We have plenty of parking.

If you are worried about your ear health just phone us for an appointment, no referral required! We hold spaces each day for those with sore or blocked ears.  We look forward to helping you soon! Warm regards, the TOLBECS Team

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Theresa O'Leary
New Zealand
Mon-Fri; 8.30am - 5pm

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