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Independently owned audiology clinic specialising in hearing tests and hearing aids for over a decade.


Wolfe Hearing is an independent locally owned audiology clinic that has been in business for over 10 years with a newly opened clinic in Hamilton.  All our audiology staff have university degrees and offer over 500 of the best hearing aid models.  The first step in helping yourself or someone else with their hearing is to call for an appointment with one of our audiologists.

At Wolfe Hearing, we like to involve our clients in their treatment plan and ensure we provide them with the best possible solution for theis hearing requirements.  We are fully ACC accredited and can assist you when applying for ACC funding for hearing loss.

We also offer an ear wax removal clinic.  Micro-suction is the recommended method for removing wax and other debris from the ear canal.  If you feel you have blocked, sensitive or itchy ears, tinnitus, have a history of wax build up or have experience a loss in hearing, come in and see our specialised wax removal team.

We have 5 clinics nationally so give us a call and see if we can help you or someone you may know.

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Christy Joyce
New Zealand
Monday to Friday 8:30-5:00

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