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Stacey Hancock - Body Detective

Holistic Nutritionist & Personal Trainer. Let's have a FREE chat about your goals and get a plan organised on getting you there fast!


Long description coming soon!  But here's the thing.  Do you really care about how awesome I might be?  Or what bits of paper I can throw around?

Wouldn't you rather tell me all about your history, challenges and your goal moving forwards?  Would you like me to tell you how we're going to get you there?  Would you like to suss me out and make sure you actually like me?

Cool!  Flick through an email or a phone call and we'll arrange a free 20-30 minute appointment on the phone and go through all of this, then at the end you'll know all about me, I'll know all about you and we can decide if working together is what we want to do!  Sound like a plan?

In case you're not sure whether your goal is even suitable for me to work on, I'll give you a heads up - if it is to do with the human body and your desire to improve it's function or form, then yes I can guarantee your goal is suitable.  Jump on the email or the phone and lets arrange this free phone consult so we can assess the situation



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