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Stacey Hancock - Freedom Food Coach

If you struggle with Binge Eating, Emotional Eating, and Hard to resist Food Cravings, contact me. I specialise in dysfunctional eating, and the underlying nutritional, emotional, and mental triggers that make it hard to enjoy a normal healthy diet.


Staring at the empty tray, I began to feel it crawling through my body. That deep, aching feeling of guilt combined with the sinking feeling of hopelessness.

It was 2009. I had already lost 25kg, I had successfully competed with Bikini Clad girls on stage. I had a thriving Personal Training and Nutrition business. But yet here I was once again in a Post-Binge Haze desperately grasping for answers.

How was it with all my knowledge and success, I was still Emotionally Eating, and Binge Eating. Why were other coaches not able to help? Why didn't I have the willpower? What was it I needed to learn to finally be free?

Fast forward to today.

Because I studied the mental, emotional, energetic and biochemical reasons, I was able to finally 'cure' the problem that had plagued me for 26 long years. And now, I get to teach people like you how to end your struggle with Binge Eating, Emotional Eating and Yo-Yo Dieting. So you can lose weight easier, find effortless motivation, feel TRUE confidence and live the fulfilling life that you do in fact, deserve.

If I were to ask how many diets you'd been on, what would you say? Many of you will say "all of them". More than likely the answer is more than one.

And if I were to ask you if they worked...

Half of you would say "No, nothing works"

And half of you will say yes, but you already know if that were really true you wouldn't still be searching for answers.

Now, If were to ask you WHY these things aren't working, what would your answer be? Naturally, you don't know.

You might think it's because you have no willpower, or motivation. Or you might think it's because the diet was "wrong". You may even think it's because you're a failure.

I can tell you, with 100% certainty It's none of those things.

But what if you could know? What difference would it make to your body, your health, your mind, and your soul to finally know YOUR truth, and YOUR answers.

Have you heard the saying "The Problem, Isn't The Problem". Or "You Don't Know What You Don't Know". It's true! Naturally if you've struggled with something for a long time, you're not going to know why that is. Otherwise you would have fixed it by now right!?

The problem isn't willpower, and it's not motivation.

The problem isn't the diet, or the exercise.

The problem isn't your genes, or your family history.

The problem you think you have, isn't even the problem at all.

But if you're ready to discover what the real problem is, and how to fix it for good - you're ready to contact me.



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