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Cornerstone Alpaca Stud Ltd.

Cornerstone Alpaca Stud (est.2006) offers the unique experience to get up close and personal with NZ's cutest and fluffiest Alpacas. Our fun-filled Farm Tours run 2 times a day at 11 am and 1 pm 4 days a week where we share our passion with our visitors. Farm Tours are suitable for both large and small groups on one of the largest NZ alpaca farms. Visitors will learn what makes these adorable animals so special and get an exclusive chance to feed the alpacas in their paddocks. Our shop offers a large variety of NZ-made alpaca products. Visit our website for a variety of packages that we offer.


Gordonton is a beautiful village and the area has a lot to offer. Make a day trip, visit Cornerstone Alpacas and enjoy the animals and the shop before heading off to the beautiful Woodlands Historic Estate & Gardens and Zealong Tea Estate. Visit Gordonton’s Farm Shop with fresh produce and have a lovely breakfast or lunch at Fire Pot Café. 


Here at Cornerstone Alpacas we offer farm visits where you can meet and and learn more about the alpacas. Our farm visit includes:

  • Listening to the alpaca story

  • Learning about the alpacas

  • Hand feeding the alpacas

  • Leading the alpacas

  • Taking photos of the alpacas

  • Touching and feeling alpaca fibre

  • Visiting the farm shop


Get your alpaca hug!

 Check out our website for the latest pricing and packages.

Fantastic for school groups, families and potential buyers.

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